The Presidential Administration Academy is a one-of-a-kind educational and skill-building program designed to prepare and equip future political appointees now to be ready on Day One of the next conservative Administration. This academy provides aspiring appointees with the insight, background knowledge, and expertise in governance to immediately begin rolling back destructive policy and advancing conservative ideas in the federal government.

What You Will Learn

If you are a former political appointee or you’re exploring appointed service for the first time there is something for you to learn. The Presidential Administration Academy covers topics ranging from how to identify appointee positions for which you qualify to navigating the necessary background and security clearance processes to recognizing and addressing the dangers of the administrative state. Potential appointees will learn the intricacies of the federal budget process, how to work with the media, managing congressional and stakeholder relations, the federal procurement process, and dozens of other topics that provide the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be an effective presidential appointee.

Who Should Attend

If you’re interested in serving the next conservative President, you’ve come to the right place. Presidential Administration Academy participants are professionals at all career levels from across the country and in our nation’s capital who want to learn, engage, get credentialed, and BE PREPARED to serve the next President and the American people by advancing conservative policy at the federal level. Applicants ranging from new college grads to experienced professionals in all career fields are encouraged to apply. We also welcome those who have not previously served in an Administration as well as those who are former appointees.

Program Format

Currently, the Presidential Administration Academy is a fully online program where participants can take courses on-demand. As the presidential election approaches, additional online courses will be added and in-person training sessions will be available. Intense instruction tailored for high-level positions will be in-person.  

The Presidential Administration Academy offers individual classes as well as full certificate programs. In order to receive a certificate of completion, all classes within the certificate program must be completed and each quiz must be passed.

Time Commitment

The majority of classes run 30 to 90 minutes. Since the program is largely offered online and on-demand, you can self-pace and cover the material at your convenience over time. Onsite, in-person programs will be intensive learning and run one to two days.


You’ll learn from a distinguished roster of former political appointees from four previous presidential Administrations, as well as from policy experts, practitioners, and subject-matter experts representing more than 100 partner organizations. The Presidential Administration Academy faculty is a veritable Who’s Who of the conservative movement.  

Certificate Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear back after I apply?

Your application will be reviewed and responded to within 1-2 business days.

Does the program cost anything?

No. The Presidential Administration Academy is a free program to those who are interested in serving in the next conservative administration.  

Will I earn a certificate of completion that can be highlighted on my resume?

YES! Courses are separated into topic specific certificate programs. To earn a certificate of completion you must complete all courses included in the certificate program and pass each course quiz.

When will I receive my certificate of completion?

Upon passing the final quiz of the certificate program, your certificate of completion will be auto generated and accessible within your user profile.

I’m already a participant in the Presidential Administration Academy but I can’t find my way back. Where do I go to log back in?

No worries! CLICK HERE or copy and paste the following URL to your browser:

Still have questions? Send us an email at [email protected]