Project 2025 Continues Development of Presidential Administration Academy

WASHINGTONProject 2025, an initiative led by The Heritage Foundation to build the next conservative presidential administration, released eight additional training videos today via its Presidential Administration Academy. The Presidential Administration Academy is a one-of-a-kind educational and skill-building program designed to prepare and equip future political appointees to be ready on Day One of the next conservative administration.

“In the past, most conservative political appointees have walked in the door unclear of their role and how the U.S. government operates,” said Paul Dans, director of Project 2025 and former chief of staff at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) during the Trump administration. “The system knows this, and in short order such appointees are neutralized, and the president’s agenda is stymied. 

“That’s no longer the case thanks to the conservative coalition working with Project 2025. Our Presidential Administration Academy is a boot camp to build a conservative warrior in government. Public service is about mindset. Built from the crowd-sourced wisdom of our coalition partners, this online learning system, for the first time, sets the bar for serving the president.”

The eight new videos are part of a larger certificate program called Conservative Governance 101 and bring the total number of training videos on the platform to 17.

Experts who served in prior administrations provide institutional knowledge and best practices to succeed as a political appointee. This certificate program focuses on a variety of topics including government oversight, the federal budget process, working with the media, and how to staff a senior-level appointee.

“This Presidential Administration Academy will put the next administration on the strongest footing any administration has had,” said Ed Corrigan, president and CEO of Conservative Partnership Institute, a key Project 2025 partner. “With these training sessions, conducted by the most recent conservative presidential appointees, any new or experienced appointee will be afforded the opportunity to know exactly what his or her levers of power will be and how best to use them.”

Project 2025 is made up of a broad coalition of conservative organizations that have come together to ensure a successful administration begins in January 2025. The project will build on four pillars that will, collectively, pave the way for an effective conservative administration: a policy agenda, personnel, training, and a 180-day playbook. The Heritage Foundation is joined by more than 70 partner organizations in this effort to ensure that the transition team is ready on Day One.

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