Throughout the Conservative Governance 101 certificate program, you will learn from a distinguished roster of former political appointees who will impart crucial institutional knowledge and best practices to succeed within federal appointed service. Aspiring political appointees will learn the basics of conservative governance, including how to staff your principal, the concepts and structure of the federal budget, and how to work with the media to advance the President’s agenda.

Course List
1. The Political Appointee’s Survival Guide
Bethany Kozma, Keystone Policy
2. Time Management for Political Appointees
Katie Sullivan, 1792 Exchange
3. The Art of Professionalism
Karoline Leavitt, KL Communications
Chris Hayes, Leadership Institute
4. How to Staff Your Principal
Jeff Small, U.S. House of Representatives
5. Hidden Meanings: The Monsters in the Attic
Bethany Kozma, Keystone Policy
Katie Sullivan, 1792 Exchange
6. How to Work With the Media
Alexei Woltornist, ATHOS PR
7. Oversight & Investigations
Mike Howell, The Heritage Foundation
Tom Jones, American Accountability Foundation
Michael Ding, America First Legal
8. The Federal Budget Process
Michael Duffey, Equinox Global Solutions, LLC 

This Program is Designed For Conservatives Who:

  • Have not previously served in a presidential administration but would like to serve in the future.
  • Are former political appointees who plan to continue their service with the next conservative Administration and want to better understand fundamental principles for conservative governance.
  • Seek to gain the institutional knowledge needed to navigate relationships and cut through the bureaucracy.
  • Want to learn best practices firsthand from former political appointees.