Whether you are a former senior-level political appointee, a mid-career policy maker, a social media guru, or someone aspiring to work in legislative affairs or coalitions, the Conservative Governance: Advancing Policy certificate program has something for you. By participating in this program, both former and prospective political appointees will develop a comprehensive understanding of how to advance the President’s agenda. This includes learning about executive order drafting and implementation, how to leverage federal grants and contracts, optimizing the functioning of cabinet government, exploring best practices for social media, and more.

Participants can choose to complete select courses or earn a certificate of completion by taking all six courses included in the certificate program and passing each quiz.

Course List
1. Executive Order Drafting & Implementation
Steven G. Bradbury, The Heritage Foundation
2. Advancing the President’s Agenda as a Political Executive
Donald J. Devine, Ph.D., The Fund for American Studies
James Bacon, Project 2025
3. How to Get Your Policy Through the Agency
Dan Huff, Project 2025
4. Congressional Relations: How to Work with Members
Hugh Fike, Conservative Partnership Institute
James Braid, U.S. Senate
5. Building Winning Coalitions to Advance Policy
Paul Teller, Advancing American Freedom
Sarah E. Makin, JDA Worldwide
6. Best Practices in Social Media to Advance Policy
Ben Friedmann, The New York Sun

This Program is Designed for Conservatives who:

  • Have not previously served in a presidential administration but would like to serve in the future.
  • Are former political appointees who aspire to continue their service with the next conservative administration and want to learn best practices to advance policy.
  • Seek to gain an understanding of how to serve as a political executive and optimize the functioning of cabinet government.
  • Want to gain a better understanding of how to build collaborative relationships to advance the President’s agenda.


James Bacon

Senior Advisor

Project 2025

Steven G. Bradbury

Distinguished Fellow

The Heritage Foundation

James Braid

Legislative Director

U.S. Senate

Donald J. Devine, Ph.D.

Senior Scholar

The Fund for American Studies

Hugh Fike

Director of Government Relations

Conservative Partnership Institute

Ben Friedmann

Co-Founder, CRO/CDO

The New York Sun

Dan Huff

Senior Advisor

Project 2025

Sarah E. Makin

Vice President and Head of PR

JDA Worldwide

Paul Teller

Executive Director

Advancing American Freedom