We are pleased to announce the launch of our inaugural certificate program, Prepared to Serve.

The Prepared to Serve certificate program provides aspiring appointees with background information about the role of political appointees in federal service, job opportunities in an Administration, how the background investigations and clearance processes work, and steps you can take now to get ready for the rigors of the hiring process. The program starts with inspiring sessions on the principles that undergird conservatism and the history of the modern conservative movement.

Participants can choose to complete select courses or earn a certificate of completion by taking all seven courses included in the certificate program and passing each quiz.

Course List
1. Conserving America
Dr. Matthew Spalding, Hillsdale College
2. The History of the Conservative Movement
Christopher Malagisi, Hillsdale College (D.C.)
3. Why Your Service Matters: How Presidential Appointees at All Levels Impact Policy
Derrick Morgan, Roger Severino & Erin Walsh, The Heritage Foundation
4. Political Appointees & the Federal Workforce
Spencer Chretien & Kaitlin Stumpf, The Heritage Foundation
5. Want to Work for the President? What You Can Do Now to Prepare
Kristine Bramsen, The Heritage Foundation
6. The Federal Background Investigation & Security Clearance Process
Dennis Kirk, The Heritage Foundation
Bethany Kozma, Keystone Policy
7. Presidential Transitions & Appointee Hiring: What You Need to Know
Ed Corrigan, Conservative Partnership Institute
Rick Dearborn, The Heritage Foundation
Bonus Elective: Getting in the Front Door: Suitability, Ethics & Financial Disclosures
Dennis Kirk, The Heritage Foundation
Bonus Elective: Deep Dive on The Federal Background Investigation & Security Clearance Process
Dennis Kirk, The Heritage Foundation

This Program is Designed For Conservatives Who:

  • Have not previously served in a presidential administration but would like to serve in the future.
  • Are former political appointees who plan to continue their service with the next conservative Administration and want a refresher on the basics of appointed service.
  • Are seeking insight and information to determine if federal appointed service is the right fit for them.
  • Want to learn more about the processes, requirements, and preparations necessary to be successful appointee candidate.