Whether you are entering political service for the first time or you are a seasoned policy professional, The Administrative State & the Regulatory Process certificate program contains essential information to be an effective policy professional in the next conservative administration. Throughout this certificate program, our experts walk you through the intricacies of the regulatory and rule-making processes within federal agencies.  They describe how critically important it is for conservative political appointees to master these processes in order to advance the President’s policy priorities.

Participants can choose to complete select courses or earn a certificate of completion by taking all three courses included in the certificate program and passing each quiz.

Course List
1. The Administrative State: What it is & How to Address the Problem
The Honorable Paul J. Ray, The Heritage Foundation
2. How to Promulgate a Rule
David R. Burton, The Heritage Foundation
3. Taking the Reins: How Conservatives Can Win the Regulations Game
Roger Severino, The Heritage Foundation

This Program is Designed for Conservatives who:

  • Have not previously served in a presidential administration but would like to serve in the future.
  • Are former political appointees who aspire to continue their service with the next conservative administration and want to better understand the regulatory process.
  • Want to learn more about the problematic administrative state and how political appointees must master the regulatory process to advance the President’s agenda.
  • Seek to gain an understanding of the authorities that govern the regulatory process and how to draft a rule that will pass judicial review.